Electronic folding bikes are an amazing commute to use in daily life. They tend to suit best for those people who have less storage place. People in urban areas do not leave their bikes locked outside their residential areas, instead they carry them up to their homes and store them inside where they are safe and sound. These bikes have a great performance as well. As these bikes are gaining more popularity more people are being attracted to them. Less people are now settling for tasteless conventional road bikes and are going for more cool choices such as electronic folding bikes.

Cost of electric scooters and folding bikes

Electric scooters come in various prices and different versions. Electric scooters are available from a price range of $350 – $500. At this price you will be getting a good battery life, a nice fast speed, and quality construction in your electric scooter. As the electric scooter’s demand grows you will find that you get a better piece at this price.

Whereas, electric folding bikes will just start at $500 and is a likely chance that you will find a very low quality one. The bikes which have a good battery life, an acceptable weight and good components start just over $1000. So if you are low on budget choose the one in your range, but if you are looking to splurge your grand then get a good quality electric folding bike and enjoy it’s ride.

Cost of accessories

You will also have to spend money on accessories such as a helmet and other stuff. For both and electric scooter and an electric bike these accessories will cost pretty similar and you can expect to pay almost the same amount.

Battery life, speed and distance

If you are planning to buy an electrically powered vehicle of any style, you will want to know how long a charge can last. It is a good way to make sure you do not plan trips where you will run out of battery and you would not have a charging point or battery charger. Majority of electric scooters will have a battery life of 10 miles and can get up to around 15-20 mph. Electric scooters can commute up to 5 miles. On the other hand, electric folding bikes will prove to be a reliable source. 10 best folding electric bikes 2019 is the prefect place to order foldable electric bike online. An electric folding bike can go as fast as you can pedal it. You would not have to make stops to charge it and you can ride it smoothly.


An electric scooter does not need a huge amount of maintenance and it does not cost you a lot of money to keep your scooter working. You can give your scooter a good clean up weekly and check everything such as your tires so that you know everything is perfect and is not loose. A folding bike will take up more maintenance and you will want to give it a weekly check just like the electric scooter but you will have more additional bearings which will cost you more.

So, electric scooters or electric folding bikes it is your choice to make according to your preferences and necessities.